Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bela's Mis-Adventures

Last week, Bela’s lola told her that she would cut her bangs because it is too long already. Bela’s lola went down to look for the scissors but she was surprised when she went back and saw this:

Bela cut her hair herself. LOL. We don’t know where she got the scissors and what made her do it. I was really laughing when I saw it. I got worried at first because it is only 3 weeks to go before her birthday, but what can I do.

And then while I was at work the other day, I got a text from my mom to tell me that Bela enjoyed cutting her hair so much that she did it again:

Ok, I want to panic now. LOL. But hubby and I still find humor with what happened. At least we will have something to show and tell Bela when she is a teenager already about the funny thing that she did before her 7th birthday party. LOL.

I just hope that it will grow a little longer but even if not, my friends say that Bela still looks so cute and charming with her “putot” hair and I believe them.