Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bela's Gift from Santa

As I posted in my previous entry, Bela wrote a letter to Santa to ask for a hex bug ant toy. Howell and I still love the idea of our kids believing in Santa. My parents were like this when we were kids. I remember my brother and I would jump for joy when we saw our big plastic bags filled with loots from Santa so we want our kids to experience the same kind of joy also.

So my husband and I have to fulfill our kids’ wishes to Santa. I thought that hex bug toys are just easy to find but I was wrong. I went to Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom but it is already out of stock. So what I did is checked all the branches of Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom and call them one by one. Luckily, I found a hex bug toy ant in TRU in Bonifacio High Street.

The very next day we pick it up (it was December 22 already), and we are just so happy when Bela found her gift from Santa on Christmas morning:
She was just so happy not just for the gift, but in knowing that Santa went to visit her because she has been a good girl.