Sunday, February 02, 2014

Skylanders Shirt by MB Project

Bela’s current favorite toy is Skylanders. It is actually an action figure that integrates with an Xbox or PSP. She does not want to play with the Skylanders game but she just like to play pretend with the action figures of the Skylanders, especially the dragon characters. Her favorite is Flashwing and when she showed me the new variation of the Flashwing character, which is the Jade Flashwing, I immediately thought of ordering a shirt with a print of Jade Flashwing for her from MB Project.

When I told her about it, she got really excited and she every minute she will ask me when she will the shirt. That is why when I got the shirt last Wednesday, she was really giddy with excitement. And she got to wear it yesterday when we went out. Of course I also ordered one for Cobi.

Here are the shirts made by MB Project:

They make all kinds of personalize shirts. Check them out in Facebook in Instagram.