Monday, March 03, 2014

New Drum Class Teacher

Bela has a new teacher in Drum Class. He is the former drummer of Sponge Cola. Bela loves his former teacher, teacher Elmer, and she is already comfortable with him. But Academy of Rock has opened up their new branch in Megamall and Teacher Elmer has to take the weekend class for drums there. I asked Bela if she wants to follow Teacher Elmer in Megamall, but if I were to choose, I prefer Rockwell than Megamall as I find that mall too crowded.

Bela agreed to try Teacher Chris. During her first two sessions with Teacher Chris, she was just quiet and would even go out of the room or would request that we be with her inside the room during class. As per AOR’s manager, Teacher Chris has a different teaching style as he is stricter than the laid back style of Teacher Elmer, so maybe that's why Bela is having a hard time adjusting.

Bela completed one month session with Teacher Chris and Teacher Chris said that he noticed a big improvement with Bela. Bela is also comfortable now with Teacher Chris and Teacher Chris is even teaching her advance drum skills so Howell and I are really excited and happy with this big improvement.

And since we can really see that Bela is really serious with her drum lessons, Howell is thinking to really convert one of our spare rooms into a band studio complete with all the equipment like speakers and the like.

I am sure Bela would love this idea as she always enjoys spending time in her room, playing with her drums.