Monday, August 29, 2011

Excited for Her New Room

We just moved in today in our new home. The house is still a mess as we just unloaded the boxes from the moving truck and nothing has been removed from the boxes yet.

Good thing it is still a holiday tomorrow so Howell will have one whole day to at least unpack and sort everything.

Being a little OC, Bela was having a hard time sleeping on our first night here at our new home. She was looking for her dolphin pillow, her quilt and the aircon in our room, which hasn’t been installed yet. LOL.

She already saw her room and she got all excited when she saw her bed inside her room and she told me awhile ago that she is now ready to sleep in her own room. I am sure hubby will be excited too to decorate Bela’s room. Hubby was able to collect some of Bela’s artworks, which we can hang in on area of her wall as what we have now in our old house. If only we have a document imaging software, then we would have been able to save all of Bela’s artworks since she first learn how to hold a crayon. But at least we were able to save a major part of it.

I am not sure what we will be able to finish tomorrow but I hope all the junk will be thrown away and whatever will be left in our new home are the essentials and the things that we would be needing.