Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shipped and Delivered

3 of 4 of the Photo Books that I have ordered from Artscow arrived already in my friend’s house. I think it only took them 2 weeks to ship my items, the fastest that I have experienced from them.

It would have been complete already but the first shipment was missing the 3rd Birthday Party Photobook that I ordered. I already informed them about it and they already shipped the 3rd Photo Book that I am missing and hopefully it will arrive next week.

I can’t wait to see the complete birthday album of Bela. Finally after 5 years, I was able to turn into Photo Books Bela’s birthday party pictures (just in time before her 6th birthday party. LOL).

I have one pending album ready to be ordered in Artscow which is our HK 2007 pictures and I am currently working on our HK 2008 album. This Photo Books from Artscow is really addicting. Well for their price of $10 for 30 page photobook, who can say no.