Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Graduation Gift for Bela

If Bela had graduated from college, we would have given her one of those beautiful wine gift baskets so she can open the wine right away to celebrate just after the graduation ceremony.

But since she is only graduating from Prep, we decided to give her this: 

Yihee. Excited ang mag-aama ko. Ty ulit @bebepeachy

a Celestron high-powered telescope. Thanks to my friend Peachy for giving me a heads up about this as we got this on sale and her mom from the US was the one who bought it from the store and have it shipped to Manila via Balikbayan box.

We actually got it November of last year during the Thanksgiving sale but since it is really big, it needs a special box to have it shipped and since December is the peak month for sending Balikbayan box to the Philippines, we decided that we will just wait until the busy holiday season is over.

Hubby set up the telescope as soon as we got it from Peachy and Bela was really excited to use it for the first time as she was able to see the moon up close. Even us adults had fun using it too. 

Let's see kung gagana. HeheMARCH PAD 23/31: Moon - Not. One of the lights sa rooftop. Sana sa next full moon, mapagana namin ang telescope at magpakita sya sa amin