Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Party Planning Update

I know it is still early to post party planning updates for Bela’s 7th Birthday when it is still 7 months away (and even without a definite theme yet), but I already booked suppliers as early as now as I know how fast they get booked.

So far, here are the suppliers that I already ticked off my list:

1. Magician. I had a hard time deciding who to book as Bela is requesting to get Lou Hilario and he is way over my budget. Thankfully, Bela agreed to get Ricci after I showed him some pictures of his performance from Migo and Sam’s party.
2. Balloon Artist. Eric has been my regular balloon artist for all our family’s parties so I did not think twice in getting him again for Bela’s 7th. Bela was requesting at first to get Jiggles the Balloon Lady after seeing her in one of the parties that we attended but I compared her price with Eric and I don’t think that the P3,000 difference is worth it as they can do almost the same balloon art. Again, I am thankful that I was able to convince Bela to get Eric instead but her condition is Eric has to make her a flying dragon balloon sculpture.
3. Singing and Dancing Trio. Jacqui told me that I should book Jives as early as possible as they are in demand so they are one of the few suppliers that I booked right away with Jelly Bellies. I have seen them performed many times already and I love how they bring life to a party so I want them to do the same thing for Bela’s birthday.

Now I am on the look out for the souvenir that we can give our guests. I am running out of ideas already but I am checking out yoyofactory and other on-the spot souvenirs also.

Now if only we can already settle on a theme for the party then I can go full blast with the party preps.