Friday, June 10, 2011

Conversations with Bela: Jet Lag

Since we arrived, she has a very weird sleeping pattern because of jet lag and so she would sleep late in the afternoon and will wake up around 2-3 AM and would stay awake probably until lunch time.

So one morning when she woke up:

Bela: “Mom, what is wrong with me. Why do I wake up so early.”
Me: “Because you are still suffering from jet lag.”
Bela: “What?”
Me: “Because New York and Philippines have opposite time. So when it is morning in New York, it is sleeping time already in the Philippines so you are still adjusting.”
Bela: “What?”

But I am still too sleepy to explain so we just went down to our living room to let her watch TV and play while I go back to sleep.


Bela after waking up from a short nap one afternoon:

Bela: “Mom, why is it when I sleep it is morning and when I wake up it is still morning?”


Bela after waking up at 3 AM.

Bela (crying): “Mom, why am I not in my PJs, I did not take a bath before I go to bed and I did not eat dinner.”