Friday, June 24, 2011

On Writing

On her first week at school, she came home with this:

Bela:"Dad look you will be so proud of me. I can write in 3 lines only." Pano dati 6 lines nagagamit sya sa laki nya mag sulat. Hehe
She showed it to us and this were her words:

Bela: “Dad look, you will be so proud of me. I can now write in 3 lines only”

(I know where this is leading to and she will ask us to get her a little prize. LOL. Good thing I will buy coogi clothes for hubby so I will be able to drop by Toys R’ Us too to get her a little something.)

Writing is one of the areas that need improvement for Bela. I even enrolled her to summer classes and Kumon to help her with her writing. When she was in Jr. Prep, their teacher will ask them to copy the reminders on the board in their assignment notebook. The lines in the notebook that they are using is quite narrow compared to the writing notebook that Bela was used to when she was in Nursery so when she writes, she occupies 6 lines and even more and it is all over the place. LOL.

So when I saw that she could copy well the reminders on the board already, I was one proud mom.