Friday, June 10, 2011

School Opening

I was chatting with my friends in Twitter about their kids' first day in school this week and that is only when I realized that Bela has no black shoes yet and I haven’t covered her notebook and books yet. Bad mommy. LOL.

You see, when we got back from our vacation, I got busy taking care of Cobi’s birthday party which is this coming 25th already so it totally slipped my mind that there are still some small details that I need to take care of for Bela’s school opening. LOL.

But at least I got her a new bag already, a new drinking cup and her white rubber shoes for PE. Hopefully, we can find a nice shoes (as it is difficult to look one for her size) this weekend so I can finally say that she is indeed ready for school opening this coming Tuesday (and she is just so excited already to see her teachers and classmates).