Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bela's Xmas & NY Outfits from Baby Fashionistas

It has been my tradition that I shop for new clothes for all of us so we will have something new to wear for Christmas and New Year. I started looking for nice dresses for Bela at the shops in Robinson’s Place as early as late November but it is either there is no size available for Bela or I can’t find anything nice for Bela from their available items.

So I knew that Baby Fashionistas will be my last resort if I really want to find a nice dress for Bela. And Baby Fahsionistas did not fail me as I was able to buy three nice outfits for Bela that she can wear for her Christmas Party, for Christmas Day and for New Year. Just look at Bela wearing the good finds that I grab from Baby Fashionistas.

Finally done (& happy) w/ Bela's Christmas, NY & School Party Outfit. Nakakainis dami pa maganda sa Baby Fashionista. Wala ng budget. Need ko na mag pigil

I haven’t been to their store for months now and so I was not able to help myself and I even bought two pairs of nice shoes for Bela from their store as well. There is even one dress that I really like but I am really over my budget already. At least I have something to look forward to for our next visit at Baby Fashionistas.