Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Growing Girl

Thanks to gap coupons, I will be able to shop for new clothes for Bela.

You see, ever since I changed her vitamins from Cherifer to Restor Big as recommended by my good friend, Kelly, Bela’s appetite increased. She will drink milk when she wakes up in the morning and will eat rice or cornflakes for breakfast. She goes to school at 11 AM and she will eat her lunch again before going to school.

Because of this, she has really gained weight and almost all her clothes are already too small for her. Hubby kept on reminding me to shop for new clothes for Bela as there is really not enough clothes left in her drawer that still fits her. But since my budget is always short, I have been postponing shopping for her.

That is why I got really excited upon finding the coupon from Gap so I can finally start updating Bela’s wardrobe.