Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Bohol?

Bela: “Mom, I miss the hotel where we went last time where there is a beach and a pool. What’s the name of the hotel again?”
Me: “That’s Shangri-La in Cebu.”
Bela: “Can we go back there again?”

My princess just loves the beach. My husband actually called me last time and is asking me to look for a flight going to Bohol for our anniversary / my birthday celebration. He said that it is his treat.

I sure miss the rustic decor in Bohol Beach Club, the relax atmosphere, the food, and the beach so I am really tempted to say yes to hubby’s offer but I did not give in right away.

Well ever since we bought our new house, I have been more frugal and I have to think several hundred times before making a purchase. So even if I found a good deal from PAL for their airfare, I decided not to go with it and just use the money for something else.

We will have more opportunity to travel. For the mean time, I wanted to secure first the monthly amortization of our house so we will be secure no matter what happens in the future.