Thursday, December 29, 2011


The cold month is here again as both Bela and Cobi have sniffles now. If only sweet get well gifts can do the trick and will wash away all their sickness….

My husband and I are actually sick too as we are both coughing like a dog. We went out last night to meet up with friends and the very next day, both Bela and Cobi have colds already.

I wish they will get well fast as it will be more polluted this coming weekend with the fire crackers and all to celebrate the New Year which I know will worsen their condition. That is why my siblings and I and our other cousins are trying to find a place where we can spend the night to welcome the new year just like what we always do every year (we are just a little late on the preparation this time, so I am hoping we can still find a nice place in Laguna or Tagaytay).

2011 has not been a very good year for us in terms of our health so I hope that 2012 will be different and we will all be healthy and free from sickness always.