Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Day @ Baby Ballet

After being postponed for two consecutive Saturdays (the first time, she was not able to attend her trial class because she got sick and then for the second Saturday, there was no class because all the ballet instructors have out of town shows), finally Bela was able to attend her first Baby Ballet Class.

We arrived fifteen minutes earlier as we left the house early and so she was able to see the class before them. They are still not allowed to enter the ballet studio but Bela was watching from the window while the first class before them is on going. She even asked me if we can go inside as she was so excited already to join the class.

When its time for their class, I approached the ballet teacher to inform her that it is Bela’s first day. The teacher brought Bela in front so she can watch closely. And as soon as they started, Bela tried so hard to duplicate whatever her teacher is doing. Howell was even joking that maybe the reason why Bela got sick a few days after was because her joints and her tendons got stretched after the class.

We were watching from the back so I can’t really see her face, but when I saw the pictures, it really showed how concentrated Bela is in watching her teacher. Bela really had fun that she was able to finish the whole 1 hour class and she really did participate the whole time. She also was able to adjust with her new classmates and she approached them and tried to play with them.

After the class I asked her if she had fun and she quickly answered yes. I am glad that she is enjoying her ballet class. I hope she will develop a great love for ballet soon (sorry, frustration kse ng nanay. LOL).

You can view more pictures here.


Joy said...

wow sis nagballet na pala si bela! ako hianahanapan ko pa sandy for summer sayang din outfit nya kasi bwahahah.

andami activities ni bela this summer ha!