Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sick again

Bela got sick again last week. One of her classmates has colds and so when she got home from school, she caught the virus too. Also, her youngest aunt, who is her playmate, has colds too so maybe she got the virus also from her.

She has high grade fever for one day and looks like she was really not feeling well as she was not active and she prefers to stay at our room and she kept on saying that she needs to rest. She even asked us to give her strawberry medicine (Paracetamol) so she will get well.

It is very rarely that she gets sick like this so every time she has fever, my husband and I are really panicking. Good thing that my mom and dad just lives near our place so they always come in to the rescue whenever we need help. And I am also thankful that we are equipped with baby supplies like a digital ear thermometer so we can always get a reliable reading of her body temperature every time she is sick. We always buy our baby supplies and medicines from Allegro Medical as they have a complete range of supplies for all our health and fitness needs like Blood Pressure Monitor, Bela’s milk and vitamin supply or even latex exam gloves. We even set an auto re order system so we will never fail to order our monthly supplies of vitamins and medicines not jut for Bela, but for ourselves too.

I am so glad that Bela is doing ok now. Hope she will not catch any virus again as it is really difficult for us parents to see our kid suffering from any illness.