Saturday, February 28, 2009

Almost Fully Potty Trained

Bela is almost fully potty trained now. She always tells us when she needs to go to the bathroom to do #1. We only encountered a couple of accidents when we started to potty train her.

Then last month, we started to not let her wear her diapers during the night. We noticed that every time she needs to do #1 at night, she will ask me if she has a nappy and if she can make wee-wee there. So one day I told her that I won’t be putting on her nappy at night and she has to tell us if she wants to do # 1. And on the first night, it worked. She did # 1 before she went to sleep and we didn’t have any accidents since then.

Our only problem now is she still has to wear diapers every time she needs to do # 2. She doesn’t want to do it on her potty trainer and she prefers to do it standing up. Every time we asked her to sit down on her potty, she will tell us that it is too hard. But before she do # 2, she will ask us to put on her nappy as she needs to make pooh-pooh.

Oh well, I don’t want to pressure her. I know in time she will be fully potty trained. At least now I am already saving a lot because I only have to buy disposable diapers for her to do # 2.