Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yaya got lost

Last week when we did our grocery in SM, we asked yaya to wait for us at the Bingo Center so we don’t have to bring our grocery item at the 3/F as we need to buy Bela’s toothpaste there. It only took us a maximum of 20 minutes to buy the toothpaste and so we were surprised when we went back to the Bingo Center at the ground floor and we didn’t find yaya there.

We went around SM for two hours and we even reported it to the Security of SM and they helped us look for yaya. It was already 9 PM and Bela was getting cranky already and we haven’t eaten our dinner yet so we decided that we will go home first so Howell can drop us at our house and eat dinner before he goes back looking for yaya again. We also left our contact number at the Security of SM so they can call us in case they find our yaya.

At around 9:30 PM, we received a call from SM’s Security officer to report to us that they already found our yaya. So Howell went back immediately to pick her up and we learned that she got lost looking for the Bingo Center.

Good thing Bela is with us and we didn’t leave her with our yaya. There was really never a time when we leave her alone with our nanny especially if we are out but it really gave me a wake up call that we should never ever leave her with our nanny. I am already imaging myself going crazy if ever Bela will get lost with our yaya.

We are thankful that nothing really bad happened to our yaya and I am also thankful that at least this incident gave us a good lesson that we should never trust our kids with our nanny especially if we are out.


Ozzy's Mom said...

got lost for more than 2 hours huh? naku bka she watched a movie lang! ahahahahaha seriously...2 hours parang ang tagal naman dba?

Jane said...

two hours?!?!?!?! something's fishy abie.