Sunday, October 25, 2009

Etc, Etc

Bela is already on her semestral break. She will be off from school from October 23 up to November 3. So while she is on a break from school, it will be the perfect opportunity to bring our car for maintenance.

You see, it is already due for change oil but since my dad’s van is still in the car shop, they have been using our car to take Bela to school everyday. And during weekends, we can’t send it to the shop too as we also need our car because Bela also has to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays is for our errands.

This reminds me that we also need to look for car and rv insurance as ours is already due for renewal. Hopefully, all the things that we need to do for our car will be taken cared of before Bela goes back to school on November 4. And since hubby and I will be going on a trip next week up to the first week of November, we will have to rely on our dad (as always) to finish all of this for us. LOL.