Thursday, October 15, 2009

Relief Giving Program of MSS @ Malabon

Last Saturday, we joined MSS (Bela’s school) in their relief giving program for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Malabon.

The directress of the school together with her staff decided to just have a simple Costume Party this year. They initially asked the kids to come in costumes depending on the theme assigned to their class but instead they will just asked the kids to wear whatever available costume they like and they will not have any party at all. So the cost of buying the costumes can just be given as donations so the school staff can buy goodies for the victims.

Last Friday, they even had a video presentation of the effects of the typhoon so the kids were really made aware of the unfortunate things that happened to the victims of the typhoon. After the video presentation, the kids even helped in packing the goods.

We were asked to be at school at 8:45 AM as they will leave at exactly 9 AM for Malabon. (Since I slept late the night before, my dark under eye circles are really obvious. LOL). We left with Mommy Emmie (MSS’s directress) and with the other teachers. Most of the staff is already at the venue preparing ahead of us.

When we reached the church, there is already a long line of the people waiting for their goodies. It was raining hard the night before and even early Saturday morning so it was just us who were able to join the activity. Bela helped Teacher Sarah and the other Teachers in giving out cookies and sardines while I helped Mommy Emmie and Teacher Haidee in giving out the pail loots. Of course, hubby took pictures.

All of the people who lined up were really thankful for the help that they received from MSS and I am really thankful too that Howell, Bela, my mom and I were able to join them for this great cause.

You can view more pictures here.