Sunday, October 11, 2009

To KL?

I might leave for 4 days on the first week of November to attend a conference. Since we just got back from a three-week vacation where we left Bela behind, I am not sure if I can leave again for four days without her. I know I can rely on chat software and webcam so I can still talk to her and see her during those four days. And it will not be that difficult since I will just be going to Malaysia so time difference will not really be a problem so four days will just pass like that and before I knew it, it is already time for me to go home.

But we owe Bela a vacation for leaving her behind when hubby and I went on vacation, so hubby and I thought that he and Bela will be joining me for this business trip. The conference will be from Nov 1 – 4 so we can just leave ahead like Oct 29, so we have at least three days to go around.

From what I initially researched on, the only interesting place that we can visit where Bela can enjoy is Genting Highlands. We also need to check out the Petronas Tower and I have to search if there is any zoo or Oceanarium that we can visit as I know Bela will really enjoy that.

Hubby is also asking me to check if it is possible for us to go to Singapore also. I still have to wait if my attendance to the conference will be approve and until then, I don’t what to proceed in making any definite travel plans.