Friday, September 18, 2009

Her Birthday Party Outfit

I am so excited when I opened my email this morning as I saw an email from Prim of Baby Fashionista. I asked her to make a sketch of the ballerina costume that Bela will be wearing for her Little Einsteins themed party. Bela said that she wants to be June, the ballerina, on her party so I immediately thought of asking Prim to design a Ballerina costume for her.

Look at what Prim was able to came up with:

I like the second design as it is so girlie. I asked Prim to color combine it with darker shade of pink for highlights. I am so excited to see the finish product of Prim’s creations. Now my problem is the ballet shoes that should go with this beautiful creation of Prim. Bela has a ballet shoes already which she used when she was having her Ballet Class. She was only able to use it for like 2 months but it looks so old now. If only I have use disposable shoe covers, I might have been able to preserve it and I don’t have to worry now in looking for a shoe that she can wear for the party.

By the way, in order to maximize this dress, I am thinking of having Bela wear it for her Halloween party at school too. Hope her teacher will let us choose the costume that they can wear for the party so at least, Bela can wear this beautiful dress twice.

By the way this is the lion costume that Prim made for Bela last year.

Isn’t it so cute? I asked her to do a sexy costume for Bela because all the costumes I saw are so boyish and Prim was able to execute all my request. I received a lot of compliments at how cute Bela’s costume is and they really got curious as to where I had the costume made. So I am really excited now and I can’t wait to see the final product of her ballerina costume.


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