Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bela's Wish List

To Bela’s mommy for the Kris Kringle, Bela will love any animal toys. But if you want more specific details, here is her wish list (LOL):

1. Littlest Petshop toys – this is her current favorite toy and we really bring it with us wherever we go. I will try to list those animals that she have already
- Horse, dog, giraffe, zebra, ladybug, snail, cat, bird, squirrel, armadillo, cat, iguana, fish, octopus, armadillo, lion, bunny.
- Or you can get the Littlest Petshop with the post card of the animal. For this, she already have the Giraffe and the Zebra
2. Jungle in My Pocket – she likes the Kangaroo family or Koala Bear family.
3. Schleich – I saw this at Hobbes & Landes. For this she already have the horse, giraffe, zebra, baby jaguar. You can get the dinosaur or penguin or panda bear.