Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magician: Booked

I talked to the Administration office a few months back to inquire for parties being held in school and I was informed that they do allow consuming the 3 hours of class time for the party. I asked my mom to talked to Bela’s teacher and ask her permission if we can celebrate Bela’s birthday in school. The teacher said it is still too early to predict their schedule as they haven’t done their lesson plan yet for the month of August but because of my “pangungulit”, Teacher Sarah gave me her approval already. But she gave us 2 hours only and we can just extend after class and we just have to inform the parents that their kids will go home an hour late that day.

So I informed Angelette of Jelly Bellies right away and today I got a text message from her informing me that she already booked Wacky as my magician for Bela’s school party. I haven’t seen Wacky performed actually and most of my friends haven’t seen him perform too but according to Peachy, I should just trust Angelette’s suggestion as if it is recommended by Angelette, then he must be good. And besides his audience will just be 15 kids so I shouldn’t really be making a big fuss about it.

As I am typing this post, I already received the contract from Angelette and I will make the deposit tomorrow for the down payment. (I love her talaga. She is so efficient.) So I am really in party planning mode now!!


Jane said...

party again! si angelette din planner ko for mateo's party :)