Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Green Cocoon's Fashion Show

While Howell and I are on our vacation, Bela’s class had a Fashion Show instead of the usual Outdoor Play they have every Friday. The kids were asked to wear clothes worn for different weathers and Bela was asked to wear clothes for sunny day.

My mom doesn’t know how to operate her camera and they were not informed that parents can watch the fashion show. So when they arrived, the show is already finished. Good thing, one of my co-parent, Cherry (thank you so much Cherry), took a picture of Bela when it was her turn on the ramp.

Look at her. Will she pass for a model? LOL.

When we arrived from our vacation, I learned that they will have another Fashion Show and this time, the whole school including the teachers will participate. Too bad I have no more leaves left to watch it but Howell was able to take a day off and they were even able to take videos and pictures of the event. (I will just make a separate post about it as Howell hasn’t downloaded the pictures yet from our camera).


Jody said...

ang cute naman!