Monday, September 07, 2009

Bela's Sunday

Howell wanted to go to Subic this weekend and check out Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari. But then we changed our plans to just go to Ocean Park instead so we don’t have to wake up early for travel. But since it has been raining almost the whole day (bed weather), we got to lazy to go out and instead we just slept almost the whole day. LOL.

But we were able to do some activities with Bela today while we are at home like we watched her favorite shows on TV together, play with her and we were able to do some writing exercise. Below is a picture.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to the mall (hopefully we won’t feel lazy) and we will go to ALRES (Occupational Therapy Center in Quezon City) for Bela’s Evaluation. Maybe we can hit the mall after that.