Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teacher's Day Gift Suggestion

Bela will have no class on September 28 as her teachers will have an outing to celebrate Teacher’s day. My mom reminded me that I need to buy gifts for Bela’s teachers.

I am running out of ideas actually on what presents to give for her teacher. Would you believe as early as now I am already looking online for nice gift items that I can give her teachers for Christmas. Luckily, there is a Spa just beside Bela’s school which gives me an idea to just give Spa Gift Certificate for her teachers for Teacher’ Day.

It was a perfect timing that I took a leave from work last Monday to attend Bela’s PTC so I was able to check out the spa beside Bela’s school. The name of the Spa is Quezon City Holiday Spa. They let me check their facilities and it looks well maintained. They have a separate spa area for the men and women. The women’s area is located at the first floor. They have locker rooms, lounge area, private massage room, spa filter, Jacuzzi, sauna and a gym.

The price for an hour of massage is reasonable and they sell GCs so I think this is the best gift that I can give for Bela’s teachers. I will try to look around first but if I can’t find anything, this will be my best option.