Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bela’s Journal Report: July 20-24, 2009

What a wonderful week it was! We started off the week with an activity where the kids used their sense of touch. They wer able to differentiate the objects that are wet and dry, soft and hard, smooth and rough, hot and cold. They had fun doing the finger painting art where they are going to use their own finger instead of using the paint brush to make their own designs. We also made them design their own bottle by pasting paper of different colors (black, brown, pink and white). We also had a stencil activity using an empty tissue roll and paint, where the kid will roll the tissue with paint and a certain shape like diamond, crescent, star will appear. For Phonics as reinforcement for letter FF and Bb, they made their own alphabet scrapbook where they try to paste pictures that begin with the said letters. We continue discussing the use of is and are and also we rote count from 1 to 40. We also introduced the concept of in front and behind by letting the kids line up and doin a simple dance step during our music and movement.

During our tasting activity last week, Bela didn’t try any of the food she or her peers brought. Even the sweetest chocolate she refused to eat.

When asked to name things that begin with f and b she gave the examples bumblebee and fingers. She also said orange is orange when we let them name things that have different colors and shapes. During writing, we are very happy to note that she needs lesser help in tracing lines and she has a better grop of the pencil. She is also able to manipulate the pencil with added control in following the lines.

We are glad that the kids showed excitement in doing the activities for this week. Hopefully they would enjoy the activities more in the coming week.