Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bela’s Consultation with a Dev Pedia

I made a post here a few months ago about my concern when we transferred Bela to MSS from Toddlers Unlimited. I got a bit concern because judging from the comments made by Bela’s teacher, Bela might have some problems with her attitude and with her inability to sit still (you can read about the teacher’s anecdotal report here and my reaction to the teacher’s report here).

Because of this, I searched the n@w archives to look for recommendations for a Developmental Pedia for consultation. I admit that Bela is really hyperactive and she can really be a handful at times (that is why hubby and I bought Dansko shoes so we will be comfortable while we run after Bela). So we figured consulting an expert will not hurt.

There are just a few Developmental Pedia here in the Philippines so it is difficult to schedule a consultation. I contacted Dr. Dimalanta’s office May 2009 and I was given a schedule for July. Unfortunately, Dr. Dimalanta attended a conference during our scheduled check up so they have to reschedule Bela’s evaluation to August 29.

We waited for two hours before we were called. As soon as Bela enters the room, she greeted Dr. Dimalanta and she answered Dr. Dimalanta when she was asked for her name and age. She immediately sits down to play with the educational toys that are lined up on the table in the middle of the room. Dr. Dimalanta gave her different educational toys (like puzzles, blocks, shape shorter, etc) one at a time and gave her instructions on what to do with it. Bela patiently listened to doctor’s instructions and was able to finish everything (even faster than what Dr. Dimalanta expected).

Dr. Dimalanta also asked me to fill up questionnaires about Bela’s development and answer them as honestly as I can.

Dr. Dimalanta’s evaluation: Bela is potentially gifted as she was able to do things that a normal three year old can’t do (base on the exercises that Dr. Dimalanta asked Bela to do). Base also on the questionnaires that I answered, her development is advance compared to other three years old. But it is also evident that Bela is really hyperactive. He doesn’t want to say that we should worry about ADHD as he doesn’t diagnose patients on first visit and ADHD is usually diagnosed at age 6. Also, he mentioned that since Bela waited for more than two hours already and seeing that she was able to sit still for 45 minutes doing what he asked her to do when ADHD patients would normally throw tantrums already, he said that there i no need to worry. He just gave us recommendations on what we can do at home to modify her behavior and he even recommended Bela to attend occupational therapy twice a week.

We will be visiting an Occupational Therapy Center next week and have Bela evaluated. OT is a behavioral modification therapy which will help lessen her hyperactivity.

I am glad that we consulted Dr. Dimalanta as I can have a peace of mind now.


Amanda said...

Nagpa-dev ped na pala kayo? Our pedia is dev ped, dr stella manalo. She's eyeing Bianca to be tested actually. We saw some antics with her kasi na hindi present kay Margaux before. Not comparing but she's really a handful. Infact, noticed that she sometimes can't control her emotions. As in major tantrums ito! May potential din ito sa behavioral that could lead to ADHD. But pedia said nothing to worry. Our pedia's 2nd child also has and she said her kid goes to regular school din. We were referred na rin to an OT pero sabi ko pag nag-3 na si Bianca.