Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bela's New Toys

These are some of the toys that we got for Bela from our recent trip.

We really feel sad and guilty for leaving Bela, and although these material things can’t bring back the time when we are away from her, we want to make it up to Bela by buying her things that she loves the most….toys.

Our initial plan was we will just bring her to Duty Free when we’re back since we can’t find any nice toy stores in the first three cities that we have been too. But luckily, we found a nice little store in Venice that sells animal toys (which is similar to the crab in the show Save-Ums) and we we’re also able to find Smurfs toys (well I think Howell likes this more than Bela. LOL).

In Paris, I found a Disney Store along Champs Elysees and bought toys and Disney shirts for her too. And since we got the 5-day metro pass in Paris, we were able to drop by at Disneyland also (but we did not go inside. We shop at Disney village where they have a big Disney store). We bought a lot of Disney toys here too. Howell was also eyeing to buy the Wall-e robot which was on sale (Euro 15) but we figured it will be too big for our luggage.

Bela was ecstatic upon seeing her new toys and she can’t wait to open them. She immediately played with it and she love it to bits.


Aggie said...

Magugustuhan ni Marts ung Lion King!!!! Type ko yan!!!

mm said...

ang cute ng handy manny =)