Thursday, September 17, 2009

A few of her favorite things

These are her current favorite at the moment.

She has a lot of animal toys – from the Puppy in my pocket to the jungle in my pocket, and even just the plastic animal toys that you can buy in SM. She always have a favorite for a particular time and this means that whoever is her favorite will be so lucky because she will take it with her every she goes.

But it also works for us as we really need a diversion for Bela every time we are dining out. We need to bring out any of her favorite toys so she can play while we feed her and we can eat too. This is the only way that we can think of to make her sit down otherwise we will be running around in the restaurant.

And did you know that she has names for each of her animals. And we should know the names by heart also as she always test us and ask for the name that she has given her animals, otherwise she won’t stop asking until we got the correct name.

Here are some of the names that she has given her animals:

Red – for her lady bug
Slow – for her snail
Bolt – her dog that looks like Bolt (from the movie bolt)
Octy – her Octopus
Blue – her blue bird
Racing Stripes – for her zebra


Raft3r said...

hindi man lang napasama yun mga panda ko