Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Talk Part 2

Like what I said in my previous post, hubby and I really wanted to get pregnant again. The gender for our second baby is really not important because all we want is for our second baby to be healthy. But of course, it would be nice if we will have a baby boy this time.

When I had Bela, I was so happy because I know that I can share my passion with her – passion for shopping, for bags, for “kikay” stuffs and the like and it was the most wonderful feeling of having to share what you love most with your daughter.

So I know Howell will be the happiest father on earth if he has a son to share his passion with. Like his passion for sports. I saw him one weekend looking at the site of Zephyr Airsoft for airsoft guns. This is his favorite site as they sell complete line of airsoft guns, pellets, paintball gears at a very affordable price. He told me that his wish is that one day, he will look at this site with his future son and they will shop together for airsoft and paintball gears and have fun enjoying the sports.

Hopefully God will grant our wish.