Saturday, May 02, 2009

Still Worried

I was chatting with Jacqui and Kathy last night because I can’t help but share my sentiments with Bela’s Anecdotal Report from Teacher Abbie (her Reading Readiness teacher at MSS) for this week. I was just quite surprise since it is as if Bela had a 360 turn from being the bubby, sweet and happy kid when she was at Toddlers Unlimited (this is how she is described by her teacher and her granny who is always at school when Bela have a class) to being the monster brat (well, this is just how I interpret the comment of teacher Abbie) that she is now at MSS.

I was so worried that I even dreamt about it. I am just worried as to why Bela is reacting this way at school. I really want to talk to Teacher Abbie to ask her why it is as if she sounds like she is already loosing patience on my daughter. That is the reason why I enrolled Bela in a progressive school; because I know teachers in progressive schools are more patient and more trained so they will know how to encourage Bela. But judging from the comments that Teacher Abbie is giving Bela, I am beginning to feel that they are already loosing their patience.

I know Bela can really be a handful sometimes but I am just wondering why they are having a hard time with Bela because I never saw Bela’s teachers from TU grew tired of her or was ever been impatient with her to think that she is much younger when she entered TU.

Now I am having second thoughts with MSS and I am starting to think now if MSS is really the right school for her or I should bring Bela back to TU. Actually, I like MSS’s curriculum because in just 2.5 weeks Bela learned a lot already academically like she is now familiar with the beginning sounds of the alphabets and she is starting to write and do art works on her own. But I also want Bela to be happy in school and not just learn academically, but I also want her to have a well rounded personality.

Oh well, Bela still has two more weeks left with MSS and I still have to talk about this with hubby who might have a different view about this. Mike (Jacqui’s husband) was able to read my post and he said that the teacher’s comments are objective but he thought that the Teacher can have nicer way of phrasing her comments. So Howell might have his own views too about this and I am open for this because just like I said, it is only Teacher Abbie that I am concerned with because I like MSS’s curriculum.

So while waiting for hubby to wake up, I better look for cervical collars first to take my mind away from this topic as it is really pissing me off. My friend recommended Allegro Medical because they have a wide range of medical products and I can easily find what I am looking for from their site because I can just do a search by category. So I guess I have to do this first so I will sign off for now.

Thanks to Jacqui, Mike and Kathy for sharing your views on my concern. I really appreciate it.