Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Enrollment & Investment

Bela just finished her Summer Classes last May 15, 2009. Time really flies so fast and I can’t believe that five weeks have passed already and summer is almost over. I know that Bela had a great time at school and I think she did learn a lot.

I can’t believe that it is enrollment time already and I can’t believe how expensive it is to send a child to school. If I remember it correctly, the tuition fee that I will be paying for Bela’s one year in school was more than enough to pay for my tuition fee when I was still in college.

So we really made sure that we allot a certain amount from our salary to save for Bela’s tuition fee. We opened up a savings account for her where we can deposit regularly to save up for her annual tuition fee. But sadly, depositing money in banks is really not a wise way to invest and preserve our money since the interest that they are offering is really not that big.

I guess next time, we should start looking at other investment options like buying gold bars since it is a very unique investment that will not depreciate in time but instead might even increase its value over time. I promise, next time we have extra money for investment I will check out Monex to help me look for the best precious metal investments that market has to offer.