Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reading Readiness One Last Hurrah!: May 11-15, 2009

Dear Parents,

Alas, the time has come to say goodbye! As the Von Trapp children in the well loved classic, “The Sound of Music,” sang, “So long, farewell, we hate to say good-bye!” Indeed, we hate to say good-bye but do so we must.

It has been a wonderful five-week ride aboard the Reading Readiness train and so we all sure had wonderful time learning and mastering the letters of the alphabet, their sounds as ell as the concept of beginning sounds. Now, the summer has ended and we take a respite from studying to prepare ourselves for a yet longer and more rigid school time – regular classes.

We wish to extend our thanks to you dear parents, for having entrusted your child in to our care for the last five weeks. Thank you for the support and we hope that, in one way or another, each child entrusted to us in Reading Readiness picked up a lesson or two. We may not have managed to proceed to studying the concept of the ending sounds but we did work hard at mastering the beginning sounds and even mastering letters and their sounds.

As we end the summer classes, it is our desire and prayer that the lessons leaned the last five weeks will be useful as each child prepares for the coming school year. To cap off this final journal, here is a summary of how your child did in Reading Readiness….


Having Ysabela in Reading Readiness this summer certainly added spice to the class. She enjoys play time very much and in fact, even when Barney has sung, “Clean up”, play time is never over for Ysabela. She enjoys walking around and can barely stay seated for more than a minute or two and when told to do, she seldom does except when Teacher talks to her to tell her that there is a time for everything inside the classroom and when it is lesson time, it is also time to sit down and be still and listen.

As far as lessons go, Ysabela has no trouble keeping up, in spite of her constant movement. She has mastered all the letters of the alphabet, including the baby letters and can also now produce most of the letter sounds. Furthermore, she can also identify which letters makes a particular sound, hence she has no difficulty when it comes to answering worksheets. What we do see quite notable even at the final journal is how she still needs to be given more exercises and drills that will help develop and strengthen her arm and finger muscles so as to develop her fine motor skills, as she has difficulty with holding and handling a pencil properly.