Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Jumping Joeys of TU

Howell picked up Bela’s memorabilia package from Toddlers Unlimited a few weeks ago. The package includes a photo book with a class picture of the whole Jumping Joeys class with Teacher Maica and Teacher Lei and a picture of each student with a short description of each of the students.

And here is what Bela’s teachers wrote about her:

Bela is the official zoologist of the Jumping Joeys class. The sight of the basket full of toy animals or books about animals makes our dear Bela jump for joy. She enjoys lining up all the animals in the Yellow Room and calls it the “Animal Parade.” Sometimes she and her friends build different structures using blocks and magnetic shapes before putting all the animals inside. Don’t be deceived by this little girl’s body frame. She has all the energy to keep al her friends and her teachers breathless especially after Romp Time. Charming Bela has grown to be a cheerful, bubbly, independent girl that we all love. We will surely miss Bela in the Yellow Room.

The package also includes a DVD with different video footages taken by the teachers during class and when Bela watched it, she was so happy and she was saying “Oh my friends.”

It makes me really miss Toddlers Unlimited. Maybe that is the reason why I haven’t enrolled Bela to MSS…LOL.


Elle Marie Oplas' mama said...

We miss you at Toddlers Bela!!!