Thursday, May 28, 2009

Her Barbie Dolls

I was watching a documentary on TV about cancer particularly about mesothelioma and I can’t help but feel emotional since my aunt who is very dear to my heart died from cancer. So instead, I turned off the TV and I decided to just blog about Bela’s latest pictures.

Bela is the type of kid who rarely plays with dolls. She only plays with one doll and it is her Baby Alive doll, which was a gift from her Tita Veejay last Christmas and she only took it out from the box just recently and I think she only played with it twice or thrice only.
She is the type of kid who loves playing with her animal toys like her Littlest Petshop collection, her Puppy in my Pocket collection, or her plastic animal toys instead of playing with her dolls. So I was really surprised last Sunday night when she entered our room carrying Barbie dolls and a Bratz doll which is still inside the box. She went inside our second room with her dad and she saw a big paper bag containing my old Barbie Dolls and she got interested and for this week, it has been her favorite toy. She will play with it and she will pretend to be a doctor and the Barbie dolls are her patients. Or she will play pretend with her Barbie dolls and we can hear her telling stories, with the Barbie dolls as the main characters of her story.

By the way, if you will notice the Barbie dolls look a little old and their dresses are filthy. Well it is because they are more than ten years old already because they are my old Barbie dolls which I handed down to my sister and now she handed it down to Bela. I am really glad that Bela is having fun playing with my old toys.


Vanniedosa said...

oh gosh i love barbies!! swerte ni bela dami nya barbie's ahaha

Peachy said...

this made me ask myself, nasaan ang mga barbie dolls ko?? hahaha