Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Ready

Isn’t she a cutie?

She is our source of joy, our source of inspiration, the reason why my husband and I have been working so hard so we can give nothing but the best for her.

I was telling my best friend who is due to give birth this month that no matter how difficult her pregnancy is, I am sure all the pain will go away once she sees her daughter.

For me, and I am sure all moms will agree, that nothing beats the joy that motherhood brings. So I am really excited as we are planning to have our second baby this year and we are praying that God will give us the second addition to our family.

I think we are more ready now. Bela will be turning four this year and by the time I gave birth, she is already five years old so she is more independent and she is really ready to be an Ate.

As for me, I already read about liporexall review so I don’t have any problems with loosing weight after I gave birth. LOL. But seriously speaking, I think I am really ready. Before I was asking my friends if I am a bad mommy since most of my friends all feel excited already and they are already planning for their next baby, while I on the other hand, is not even thinking of having a second child. But they are telling me that time will come that I will be ready again and I can say that now is really the time.