Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bela on Ice

Last Saturday, we went to Mandaluyong to do some errands – we delivered the orders from my aunt to her former office and we also have to look for area rugs. We are kind of undecided on where to have lunch but Bela kept on repeating that she wants to go ice skating. Every time we are at Mall of Asia, we have to drop by at the Ice Skating Rink and Bela will watch in fascination as she watches the graceful movements of the figure skaters. So I promised her that next time we are in Megamall or in Mall of Asia, we will let her try it.

I called SM MOA a few weeks ago to inquire about their Ice Skating Lessons and the staff that I talked to suggested that we can just let Bela have the 30 minutes trial class for only P150. And that is what we did. They don’t want to accept Bela at first since the class is for kids 4 years old and up but because of my convincing power (and luckily there is an ice skate that fits Bela), they let Bela try the class.

I introduced Bela to Coach Ariel and told her that Coach will teach her how to skate and she went with Coach inside the rink without hesitation. I can really tell that she was enjoying and I was so proud of her, because not like me, she was so brave and would even want to try skating on her own. I also love Coach Ariel because he is so patient with Bela.

After 30 minutes, Bela was tired already and she said that she already wants to rest. I asked coach if we can enroll Bela to the program (just out of curiosity as I have no plans of enrolling her this summer) but he suggested that we can just have the trial lessons first every time we visit which I think is a good idea since she is not even finish with her swimming lessons which I think will last until July. LOL.

Here are some pictures:


mm said...

pwde pala ung trial class, did bela enjoy the lesson? db scary?