Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Undecided

May 15 is the start of the enrollment period at Bela’s new school (Mind Specialists School). I haven’t enrolled her yet as we still have up to May 30 to decide if we will enroll her at MSS or not.

Actually, I really like their curriculum as I find it more structured than Toddlers Unlimited which I think is better especially for Bela’s age since it will better prepare her for big school. But I had some issues with Bela’s new school (MSS) which I posted here. I already spoke with Bela’s teacher who I had some issues with and she was able to explain to me her anecdotal reports for Bela. I read Bela’s last report for her summer classes and it looks as though she still hasn’t adjusted yet to her new setup.

Since she came from a purely progressive school which is basically play based, she is not used to the structured routine where students have to sit down and listen to their teachers during discussions. I know this will be the setup when she enters big school so my mom was telling me that it is better that we let Bela adjust now than to let her be used to progressive setting and she will have a hard time adjusting when she enters big school when she is already 5.5 years old. But I am just worried though if MSS’s teachers can really be that patient with Bela and they will really help her during her adjustment period. I know I already had a dialogue with Bela’s teacher and she assured me that they will be with Bela in every step of her adjustment but I still can’t forget the report that I read from one of Bela’s teachers which to me sounded like she is already running out of patience for my daughter (which by the way she explained that it is really just a wrong choice of words and she never really mean it that way and she promised me that she will help Bela adjust and she also gave me an assurance that in time, she knows that Bela can very well cope up).

Honestly, I am still not that decided on where to enroll Bela. We really prefer MSS as it is really near our place so less travel time but there is really a part of me that is still not convinced yet. I am so confuse already to think that Bela is still in preschool. What more if she is already in college and have to take degree program. I bet I have more things to consider when that time comes. But one thing is for sure, I will definitely recommend to her enrolling at Capella University if she wants to take masteral degree since it is the leading provider for online graduate school program so she will still get the best in graduate school program even if she is already working and she can do it at her own convenient time at the confines of her own home.

But for now, I guess my husband and I still have up to May 30 to decide on where we should enroll Bela for this coming school year.

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