Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magic Strokes 2009: April 27-30

The kids have gotten used to our strengthening exercise of weight bearing, forearm rotation and doing wall pushups. Now they automatically do these exercises once cued by the music.

This week’s fine motor activities are cutting shapes, cutting play dough using plastic knives and clay scissors, popping bubble film, making small balls out of crepe paper which we used to paste on the first letter of their names, picking up mongo seeds using fingers and tweezers, pouring water into small containers and transferring liquid using medicine droppers. Surely, these activities were helpful in developing further your child’s finger strength in order for them to have a good grip of the writing instrument and in manipulating it as well. Furthermore, it also keeps the children interested in what they’re doing and not see writing as a thing they are forced to do.

Ysabela can snip with scissors but needs help in holding the paper when cutting lines and shapes. She needs help in pouring liquid to a small container and transferring it using a dropper. Although she would still need help in doing her writing sheets, she would move her fingers when asked to do the strokes and at times she would try doing strokes on her own. Just the same with fine motor activities, she would need less help at times.