Friday, April 24, 2009

Magic Strokes 2009: April 20-24

Another week of writing has passed and the kids still remain to be very ready to do the next batch of writing skills.

This week, aside from the routine exercise of weight bearing, pushups and forearm rotation, we busied ourselves doing some fine motor activities. We finger painted a picture, put together and pulled apart interlocking blocks, made fringes on the edge of a hard paper, winded up a wind up toy, cut lines, sprayed water on plants and played with clay. The kids had so much fun as they didn’t know writing can be exciting when mixed in with play activities and art works.

Ysabela is yet to discover how to manipulate writing and coloring tools. She shows interest in doing arm strengthening activities and other fine motor activities. However, she would sometimes seek help when doing her tracing and writing task even with coloring. Often we encourage her to do her tasks alone and boost confidence as to let her be more independent. Although with writing drills on the board, she would be very willing and excited to do the task.


I really expect that Bela will really need assistance in writing since she never had that much training in writing when she was at Toddlers Unlimited. She just started to have training in writing when we enrolled her to the Galileo program last February where they do tracing activities but I noticed when we help her do her assignments that she is still not confident with her tracing and her writing skills that she will always ask us to help her. That is the reason why we enrolled her to the Magic Strokes Program of MSS to help her gain confidence with writing just like her other classmates who studied at MSS before and is already confident with their writing and tracing skills.