Friday, April 24, 2009

Reading Readiness: April 20 – 24, 2009

Reading Readiness: Sailing on in Week 2
April 20 – 24, 2009

Dear Parents,

One more week of the summer program is finished and we are pleased to inform you that the children have adjusted well now to our routines inside the classroom. Our week was kept busy by review drills on beginning vowel sounds as well as introduction of the beginning consonant sounds Ss, Mm, Rr, Ff, Bb and Nn. The children had a grand time doing our board drills and even seeing actual objects that begin with the letters we discuss each day. Moreover, they also enjoyed watching and helping Teacher make mango shake as part of our review of the letters Ss and Mm.


Ysabela has a winsome smile on her face whenever she comes to class but we have also seen that it does not take much to get her crying almost uncontrollably. Last week, during play time, she was looking for something but neither Teacher nor Yaya could understand what it was. We told her to wait till she got home but she was insisting on it and when she was told again to wait till she got home, she sprawled herself on the floor and began crying hard. She cried even harder when Teacher tried to talk to her and tell her that crying if she does not get her way is not good. She started crying for “Wow.” It took a while before she was pacified.

This week though, we are glad that Bela had been in a good mood and even took part in all our activities, even tasting her share of the mango shake.

Ysabela did well with our assessment of her familiarity with letters but Ysabela has yet to fully master the sounds. One more noticeable thing with Bela is that she is easily distracted. She can hardly wait for her turn to do worksheets but when her turn comes, she would start looking around at her classmates who are doing something else. She does good with worksheets though, even if it takes quite a while to make her finish because we have to make her re-focus time and time again.


I am kind of worried when I read Teacher’s Abbie note that Bela cried uncontrollably at class on her first week. I can’t remember the last time she did that when we are with her and I know she never reacted that way when she was at Toddlers Unlimited. I can’t help but compare MSS with TU all the time because I know how happy Bela is with TU and I am kind of worried that we are making a wrong decision in moving Bela to a new school. But I guess it is still to early to judge MSS since it is just Bela’s first week but we will see…..