Monday, April 13, 2009

Bela's New Books from Scholastic / Grolier

Bela’s new set of books was delivered to our house last Wednesday. I went to SM San Lazaro last Tuesday to buy a gift for the party that we will be attending the next day. When I entered the mall, I saw the booth of Scholastic / Grolier books and I was approached by one of the sales agent. She showed me their products – Logico Primo and the 24 volumes of I Wonder Why series books.

I have seen these books when they had a booth at SM San Lazaro a year ago but I did not order one for Bela because I know that we don’t have a budget that time for this. But Bela is really into books. She has the complete set of “A Child First Library of Learning” which is a hand me down from my cousin. Every night she will ask us to read to her all the books in the entire volume and we are amazed at how well she can grasp the contents of the books even though it is for kids that are much older than her. Like she already knows the concept of planets (she knows which is the red planet, or the biggest planet or the farthest planet) and galaxies, she is familiar with the life cycle of a frog, she can explain why fish needs to be in the water to breathe and a lot of other science concepts that Howell and I did not even know of before we read the book.

But her books are so worn out already since it is a hand me down so I already planned on looking for a supplier of Scholastic books. So when I saw their booth at SM San Lazaro, I did not think twice and I immediately ordered one set for Bela.

The package includes the Logico Primo set (it includes the activity board plus 10 books which contains 16 activity sheets per book. So that is a total of 160 activity sheets already), 24 volumes of the “I wonder why” series, 2 volumes of Grolier Children’s Dictionary, 100 Amazing Puzzle and the Flip Chart Quiz. I particularly love the Logico Primo since it is really an effective tool to teach Bela the concepts of recognition, counting, comparing, perception, orientation and it even introduces a logical approach to learning in a very fun way.

Every day, Bela would love to play with her Logico Primo board and we can finish 5-10 activity sheets per day. And when she is tired of playing with her Logico Primo, she will get a book from her library and will ask us to read it to her before she sleeps.
So instead of buying a Sony Vaio for me, I prioritize this one first. The set is really not cheap compared to the other books that we bought for Bela but they have different installment plans that you can choose from. You can choose to pay for it in 3, 6 and 12 monthly installments or you can get 10% discount for cash purchases.

I can tell you, it has only been days since we got Bela’s new Scholastic books but I can already say that it is really a good investment and it is all worth it.


swati said...


Can you please tell where can I buy the activity centre from?