Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bela’s First Week at MSS

I was with Bela on her first day at Mind Specialist School for her summer class. We left around 7:30 AM and by 7:45, we are already at MSS. Her teachers are still not in when we arrived but I noticed that they are really organized since there are posters on the door with the class assigned for that room and the name of the students who will attend the class so we were able to find Bela’s room even if the teachers are not in yet.

Bela started to play right away with the toys that she found inside the room. The toys are not as nice and as many as the toys in Toddlers Unlimited but I guess for Bela’s age that is just okay since she has to learn to lessen her playtime at school so it will somehow prepare her for the big school classroom setup.

While she was playing, I told her that we will just go down and will wait for her there. And she replied:

Bela: “Ok mom.”
Me: “Have fun.”

And I just kiss her and she kissed me back.

Her first class was Reading Readiness and it is from 8:00 – 9:30 AM. When it was already 9:30 AM, most of Bela’s classmates went down already at the Romp Area and I noticed that Bela is not with them. So I asked Teacher Abbie and she said that they already brought Bela to the other room for her second class. I asked her if Bela cried (since the electricity went out so there was no light the entire time they are having class) but Teacher Abbie said that Bela did okay.

Her second class was Magic Strokes and it is from 10:00 – 11:30 AM. I was a little worried about Bela as I am thinking if she is doing okay since there is still no power and I know that she is scared of the dark. So I tried to checked her out around 11:00 AM. When I peeped into the room, I did not find her there so I thought that she might be with her teacher crying. But I was surprised when she went out of the restroom and she was accompanied by her teacher to get her lunch box in her cubby hole and I can see that she is already at home in her new school.

I asked her two teachers if Bela is okay on her first day and they both said that she is already comfortable in class. Part of the class schedule was a time for Individualized Instruction where the teachers will do the worksheets with each of their student. The two teachers said that Bela was able to finish her worksheets although she kept on saying that she can’t do it and she needs help. One of her teacher commented also that she is really active (her term was “makulit”) and she always roam around in the classroom when she is done with her worksheets. But that is just natural for Bela but I hope she will learn to sit down and listen to her teacher's lecture.

After class, I asked her if she loves her new school and if she had fun and she answered yes right away. Bela is already in her second week at MSS and looks like she is really having fun. We don’t have a hard time waking her up even if she has to wake up as early as 7:00 AM because she is so excited to go to school everyday.

I am glad that she is really having fun as MSS is really very convenient for Bela because it is just a 15 minutes drive from our house.

So far, we like their program and I am praying that we are really making the right choice for Bela. I guess we will see about that after her summer class. For the mean time, I have to do a research about.

So far, we like their program and I am praying that we are really making the right choice for Bela. I guess we will see about that after her summer class. I need to look for credit report services but my mind was so occupied with thinking about Bela’s new school and if we are really making the rigth decision in moving her to another school so I am not really being productive. Hopefully, we will be satisfied with MSS by the end of summer so I will really feel happy with our decision in moving her to a new school.


Jody said...

ang daming activities ni bela this summer ah. good for her. ako, wala pa akong naenroll for the kids. bad mama, hahaha! busy kasi sa lipat!