Monday, April 13, 2009

Marc's 3rd Birthday

We attended another birthday party last Wednesday at Jollibee in Dapitan. It is Marc’s 3rd birthday party. Marc is the son of our good friend Mheng and Krystel and is the god son of Howell. Howell was also the official photographer for this event.

Since we were not dismissed early last Wednesday, Howell, Bela and yaya have to go to the party venue ahead of me and I just followed them there. On my way to Jollibee, I received a call from Howell asking me where I was since Bela won’t let go of him and she doesn’t want to go inside the party venue. I already expected this since for the last three parties that we attended, she always just wants to stay outside and won’t even go inside the party venue from start of the party until it ends. (I don’t know how and when she got this fear. I don’t know either if she is scared of crowded places or enclosed space with loud speakers.) So I was really in a hurry to reach the party venue.

But to my surprise, Bela and Yaya are already inside the venue when I arrived and Bela was even mingling with the other kids. She even joined some of the games and she was very eager when she saw Jollibee. She even played with Jollibee and had her picture taken with him. She even had a couple of bites of spaghetti and chicken.

So I was really happy because this is a big change for her. Hopefully she really has overcome her fear of “I don’t know what.” I even asked her if she wanted to have a Jollibee party for her 4th birthday and she immediately said Yes. Hubby was suggesting that I just look for San Diego California hotel so we can just have an out of the country vacation for Bela’s 4th birthday but I find it too expensive. A Jollibee party would be something that Bela will really enjoy and it will definitely not hurt our pocket. We will see. I still have a couple of months to decide. LOL.

Here are some pictures from the party.