Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Animal Mechanicals

For three days now, we always hear Bela talking and crying in her sleep. During the first night, we woke up when we heard Bela cry and so we thought that she is awake. But then, Howell and I got surprised when we learn that Bela is still sleeping and she is crying over her purple balloon. She kept on saying “My Purple balloon. It popped. It is now broken. I cannot fix it. Fix it, Fix it dad.” And she is really crying because she has tears while sleeping. The next day, we woke up again in the middle of the night and she is crying again while sleeping over her purple balloon.

Last night, she was crying again but not because of her purple balloon but because of her nail polish that her Lola applied on her nails. We went to Ace Water Spa last Sunday and she took a shower with her Tita Veejay and her nail polish got erased after staying in the pool for more than two hours. So during her sleep, she is now saying: “My red nail polish. Tita Veejay washed it. It is now gone.”

This afternoon, Howell and Bela were watching the new TV Series in Playhouse Disney entitle Animal Mechanicals. You know how crazy Bela is for animals and even though she has only seen the series once, she already know all the names of the characters in the TV series. She wanted to watch it again and again but since it is just a series on Playhouse Disney, we have no choice but to wait for its next screening schedule.

So when I arrived home, Howell immediately asked me to look for a DVD of the Animal Mechanicals online so Bela has something to watch. Howell even reminded me of Bela’s crying spells and Howell is afraid that she might wake up again crying and looking for the Animal Mechanicals show this time (Oh well, the spoiler dad). So instead of looking for my diet pill online, I will check out the net first for Animal Mechanicals merchandise for Bela. Any leads?