Thursday, March 26, 2009

Brave Bela

I still haven’t selected and resized our pictures yet from our last out of town vacation. But here are some pictures that hubby sent me today.

Bela is really so adventurous. She is not scared of anything. Like when we went to the beach last weekend, she will not let us hold her while she swims in the kiddie pool. She would even tell us to get out of the pool and just sit down because she can do it by herself. (Oh so independent).

Then when we hit the beach, she is still not scared too. She will even imitate what Cody (the penguin from Surf’s Up) is doing. She will ride her kick board and pretends that it is a surf board and she will not be scared to face the big waves. She even went under the water a couple of times and she even swallowed the salt water but as soon as she gets up, there is even a smile on her face and she will say “That’s cool. Let’s do it again.”

I am so glad that she is growing up as brave and adventurous as her dad. If she were like me (who is scared of almost everything), I guess she will not have fun like this.

She even had her henna tattoo. She saw us having one and she kept on saying “I want a tattoo, I want a tattoo.” She was even so behave while she is having her tattoo. Hay, buti na lang di nagmana sa akin.