Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bela and her Worksheets

When we enrolled her to the Galileo program at Toddlers Unlimited, we had a hard time in trying to make her do her homework. She attends Galileo Program three times a week and at the end of every session, she brings home an assignment that we have to do with her.

I asked my mom how we can make her do it as I know how stubborn (like me) Bela is. You cannot force her to do a thing if she doesn’t want to even if you try to bribe her or try every diplomatic way possible to convince her.

My mom is a former preschool teacher and when I asked her if she can make Bela do her assignments, this is her answer:

Mom: “Ako pa. Eh kung pipi nga napag salita ko.”

But then after three hours, my mom gave up and told us that if Bela doesn’t want to, then just let it be. LOL.

But things are different now. Maybe she got used to the routine and she got really inspired as her teacher is always giving her cute stars at school every time she finish her worksheet and she is just so proud to show us her star every time she goes home. So now, if we tell her that it is time to do her assignments (of course with a little pambobola), she will comply and sit on her chair to do her homework. And there are even times when she will ask for more activities as she can finish her worksheets in less than 5 minutes. Good thing I bought lots of activity books for her.

Just sharing some of the pictures that we took one night while we are doing worksheets with Bela.


Jane said...

hi, abie! its been such a lont time since my last visit...

anyway, nag galileo pala si bela? ok ba? im enrolling sophia kasi sa ENOPI naman, prang KUMON / GALILEO din. although di pa final, kasi nga im torn between the three pero she'll have her diagnostic test na this week.